Misha Mahowald Prize Submission

How to Submit for the MMP

The Misha Mahowald Prize (MMP) for neuromorphic engineering is open to any individual or research team worldwide. A description of any type of hardware, software, or algorithm may be submitted. Write an extended abstract in English of up to four A4 pages, including:

Send the document as a hyperlinked PDF file (max. size 4 MB) to prize@mahowaldprize.org.

Deadline: The annual deadline is October 31. The prizes will be announced by the end of the year.

The winner receives a framed certificate and 10,000 USD.

Instructions for submissions to the Mahowald Early Career Award (MECA) from individual Master's, PhD, and early postdoctoral students are here.

Frequently Asked Questions

How are  MMP submissions evaluated?

See Jury & Evaluation.

Can I self-nominate?

Yes. Note, however, that the prize is for a project and not for a person.

Can I nominate someone else’s work?

Yes. If you nominate the work of someone else, we will contact the persons involved to obtain their consent for their work to be considered by the jury for the prize.

Is this a career achievement award?

No. The prize will be given for the best single project submitted by an individual or a team.

How many entries am I allowed to submit?

There is no limit on the number of submissions you can submit; however the submissions must be substantially different from each other.

What is the maximum size of the team?

There is no upper limit on the size of the team.

What is the maximum submission length?

Submissions must be no more than four pages (A4 or Letter size). You are free to include external references.  Remember that the jury members are busy people, so it is in your interests to make your entry as readable and easy to evaluate as possible.

What types of entries can be submitted?

Entries are most likely to fall into one or more of the following categories:

The entry may be a summary of one or a body of published or unpublished paper(s), or a description of a project, product or service.

My project is “small” – do I have a chance of winning?

Every project will be considered on its own merits, regardless of the development budget or the people who worked on it. We strongly encourage everyone who has developed a novel contribution to the field to enter, no matter how large or small the project.

If you are a student within a year of completing your PhD, take a look at the MECA award.

My project is not completed – can I submit?

Projects can be submitted even if they are still in progress. They will be judged according to the results achieved at the time of submission.

Are re-submissions allowed?

If a submission is not selected for the award, it may be resubmitted in updated form in any future year. Any submission that wins the prize once will not be eligible for future prizes, in either original or updated form. Resubmissions should clearly state what has changed since their previous submission.