MMP and MECA Submission

How to submit for the Misha Mahowald Prize (MMP)

The MMP is open to any individual or research team worldwide. A description of any type of hardware, software, or algorithm may be submitted. The MMP has an annual deadline on Oct 31

See Instructions for MMP submissions.

How to submit for the Mahowald Early Career Award (MECA)

The MECA is open for submission to individual Master's students, PhD students, or postdocs within one calendar year of PhD degree award date. MECA submissions can be submitted any time within the year and are decided at the same time as the MMP.

See Instructions for MECA submissions.

Note about award date: From 2024 onwards, the award will be dated the year of the award rather than the year of submission. For example, a successful submission by the Oct 2024 deadline will be announced as the"2025 Award" and the certificates will likewise be labeled.