Misha Mahowald Prizes for Neuromorphic Engineering 

Welcome to the Misha Mahowald Prizes

 2023 MMP awarded to Sandia National Labs

 2023 Lifetime Contribution Award to Carver Mead

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The Misha Mahowald Prize (MMP) recognizes outstanding research in neuromorphic engineering, worldwide. The Prize is named for the late Misha Mahowald, one of the most influential pioneers of the field of neuromorphic engineering. The award  is considered annually. 

The Mahowald Early Career Award (MECA) has been established for individual Master's, PhD, and early postdoctoral students. It is open for submissions year-round, and evaluated once per year.

Individuals or groups are invited to submit a description of their work for consideration by the jury of world-leading figures in the field. 

The prize submission deadline is October 31 annually.

Photo credit: T. Delbruck

The prize was created by iniLabs, an organization based in Switzerland dedicated to the promotion of research and applications of brain-like computation. 

The prize is administered by iniForum GmbH, a Swiss association and events management company that promotes research and applications of brain-like computation.

Prize directors: Tobi Delbruck, Rodney Douglas, and Kynan Eng

Prize coordinator: Kathrin Aguilar (CEO iniForum)

Website: Martina Ban, Tobi Delbruck

Artwork: Dora Sumislawska